PERCH Bibliography
A Project of the UWF Center for Environmental Diagnostics & Bioremediation and
the Florida Department of Health/Escambia & Santa Rosa County Health Departments

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The PERCH Bibliography is a fully searchable database of bibliographical materials pertaining to the environment of Northwest Florida. This database was derived from several preexisting databases and from literature searches intended to include all information relating to the environment of our region. The oldest historical citations go back to the 18th century coinciding with the beginnings of continuous settlement in Pensacola. Environmental topics are extremely diverse covering multiple scientific and applied disciplines. We have included all environmental information from botanical identification to septic tanks.

The citations are presently searchable by 9 categories, reference type, author, title content, subject words, abstract content, and annotation content. The majority of items include an abstract or annotation, URL, and holding library. Many items are available at multiple libraries and we routinely list the most accessible holding location. In cases where no holdings are known for the cited literature we have noted if PERCH has a hard copy or electronic version of the file. We plan to make some of these files available at a future date on the website. We appreciate constructive feedback and to this end we have provided contact information and an electronic form where interested readers can nominate citations for consideration.

PERCH stands for "Partnership for Environmental Research and Community Health," a collaborative effort of the UWF Center for Environmental Diagnostics & Bioremediation, the Florida Department of Health, the Escambia County Health Department and the Santa Rosa County Health Department.

The PERCH Bibliography for Northwest Florida was constructed by personnel from the UWF Center for Environmental Diagnostics & Bioremediation and the John C. Pace Library at the University of West Florida.